(The 5 Stages) Stage Two: Anger (Demo)

by Sassy Molasses

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The 5 Stages EPs' are a 5 part conceptual series. Each EP represents its respective partner on the Kübler-Ross Model's 5 stages of grief.

In this case, the grief refers to the loss of a significant relationship, as opposed to death.


......it's an overly melodramatic breakup album.....;-)


released May 25, 2012

Produced by Moriah Haven Lawson
All songs written by Moriah Haven Lawson.
All songs arranged by Sassy Molasses.

Engineered by Clint Lawson
Graphics by Moriah Haven Lawson.

Moriah Haven Lawson: Mandolin, lead and bg vox, guitar on "Dearest, For Always".
T.J. Crenshaw: Lap steel, guitar
Luke Pace-Scrivener: Keys
Michael J. Hamilton: Drums
Thomas Curran: Bass
Chelsea Myers: Bg vox



all rights reserved


Sassy Molasses Cincinnati, Ohio

We make sound waves, together.

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Track Name: Lay It Down
I gotta lay down my hate for ya, darlin'.
Gotta lay down my hate for ya tonight...
Gotta lay down my hate for ya, darlin'.
Gotta lay it down for you tonight.

The expanse of your lies is scenic,
even Ripley's would not believe it.
So-called "truth" remains a ruse.
and now that you've admitted,
you think that we shouldn't quit it,
but, it's too late for you.

You come bustin' down my door,
can't live without me no more,
but I've heard this once from you.
You claim that you love me only,
those whores just left you lonely,
I guess time will tell the truth...

(c) 2012 Moriah Haven Lawson
Track Name: Poor, Compulsive Little Me
You say, "Woe is poor, compulsive little me!"
Neil Young would disapprove so fervently.
Well, have you ever sat and tried to chat with
someone who's on 4 caps of smack?
Complain it's not the way ya wanna be,
then blame all of your actions upon me,
claiming that you're the victim now, 'cause
you're so damn full of yourself.

What makes you hide all the time?
What makes you get high all the time?
You wanna hide all the time.
So, you get high all the time...

Pretension doesn't really suit me,
to suppose that you're the only one to see.
Regarding you, my challenge now,
is avoiding language rather foul.
The new closely resembles all the old,
way to beat that stigmatic addict mold,
well, I'm sure that you're elated now,
you got the milk before the cow...

Oh, the wonders never seem to cease,
all the ways you find to infuriate me.
Well, ya think that it's for show and tell,
but, it's average hon, I hate to tell.
There's nothing that you could say to me
that could leave me away from the belief
that you were built for sheerest hell,
no one could do it quite as well....

(c) 2012 Moriah Haven Lawson
Track Name: Dearest, For Always...
I'm jealous, and I'm moody,
but, ya want me. Yeah, ya want me.
I may be clever, but, it's an endeavor
to love me, but, you still love me.

About a year ago, we set out to know,
just how far our hearts could go.
Well, when ya crash and burn,
I guess you learn just how quickly hearts can turn.

But, I'm jealous, and I'm moody,
but, ya want me. Yeah, ya want me.
I may be clever, but, it's an endeavor
to love me, but, you still love me.

So, I guess we know how rebounds go,
in the end, nothing to show.
Well, the sex was good, but we knew you would
turn and run while the gettin's good.

But you're jealous, and you're moody,
'cause ya want me, yeah, you still want me.
You may be cleaver, but you will never again have me,
'cause ya don't deserve me.

(c) 2012 Moriah Haven Lawson
Track Name: I've Tried It All Twice
Come if ya wanna, come on, now don't ya?
You know how that makes me insane...

So, do ya wanna?
Then, get right on it.
I'm not here to play any games.

I do my best talkin'
when I'm on top, darlin'.
You know I can make YOU insane.

So, get down on it,
you'll wanna own it.
Get addicted to my taste.

Well, hon, you just name it,
then we're gonna play it.
I've tried it all twice anyway.

Just start up here, darlin',
then move right down on it.
You know it will make us insane.

And now, when you leave it,
you'll find that you need it.
Thoughts of my touch will just stay on...

(c) 2012 Moriah Haven Lawson