(The 5 Stages) Stage One: Denial & Isolation Demo

by Sassy Molasses

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The 5 Stages EPs' are a 5 part conceptual series. Each EP represents its respective partner on the Kübler-Ross Model's 5 stages of grief.

In this case, the grief refers to the loss of a significant relationship, as opposed to death.


......it's an overly melodramatic breakup album.....;-)


released April 7, 2012

Produced by Moriah Haven Lawson.
Engineered by Clinton Lawson.
Co-Engineered by Barry Lawson.
All songs written by Moriah Haven Lawson
(Bridge for "Screw Me Over" Written by Thomas Curran)
& arranged by Sassy Molasses.

Vocals, Mandolin: Moriah Haven Lawson
Drums, Percussion: Michael J. Hamilton
Lap Steel: T.J. Crenshaw
Bass: Thomas Curran
Keys: Luke Pace-Scrivener



all rights reserved


Sassy Molasses Cincinnati, Ohio

We make sound waves, together.

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Track Name: Screw Me Over
Screw Me Over

Just ‘cause ya screwed me,
Don’t mean ya gotta screw me over.
Is common courtesy really such a tall order?
I’m not in the mood for ya to be rude.
So, I guess you’ll miss hittin’ this,
Until ya change your attitude.

Barely can see through the wool that
You’re trying to pull over.
It’s nothing new to see you break down
My borders
I’m so into you, even though you are a douche.
But, another kiss, I’ll not miss,
When I can get them all from you.

And, just ‘cause ya screwed me,
Don’t mean I’ll also screw you over.
Common courtesy was raised into me,
With love for the Lord.
So, I’ll forgive you,
Because that’s what Christians do.
If I hadn’t caught you getting’
That old itch, then,
Maybe I’d have gotten hitched with you.
©2012 Moriah Haven Lawson
Track Name: Catch My Fancy
Catch My Fancy

Well, I know you think that you’re in love,
Merely due to your unfamiliarity
With all the craziness that comes along
With catching my fancy.
Well, the stone walls of my fortress, dear,
Are vastly higher than those of your perception.
Well, to see me at all, dear, you too, must grow tall,
And try discerning my cryptic directions.

My distance may offend you,
But trust, dear, the warmth in my eye.
If you catch a glimpse of affection from me,
Someday you might find you’ll miss me.

Well, my fingertips that dance & grip
will distract you momentarily.
But, don’t expect me to cuddle back with
Our minds so completely off track.
Well, having no clue as I signal you,
You rip pages from my open book
To slander me on some dirty stall wall,
Fabrications of your lovely hooves.

Well, I’d like to think we’d somehow syncopate,
Our odd rhythms complementing the other.
But, instead we’ve burnt the bread, and
Our dough fell before it was rising.
Well, time will not erase your case,
Broken hearts hold no statute of limiations.
Well, I’m sentenced to life delving in the strife
Of only knowing your touch so briefly.
©2012 Moriah Haven Lawson
Track Name: A Most Disconcerting Sound
A Most Disconcerting Sound

I don’t base attraction on natural selection,
Looks don’t concern me much.
But, I know one thing I don’t wanna do
Is go back to the start.
And, contained in the clouds set around us,
A most disconcerting sound,
And I know one thing I’m gonna do
Is leave you in the dark.

Always apt to emotional racket,
I’m not always smart,
But I’ll tell you what I’m not into
Is the way you broke my heart.
And since you weren’t really around much,
I’m not sure how I’ve found
My heart completely wrapped around you,
Never will it part.

Aware of a fraction of all of your actions,
Even my naïve heart could tell the things you’d put
It through, could leave a hefty scar.
So, finally, you say that you need me,
Though we knew from the start,
Our love is held in captivity
By that girl who holds our hearts.
©2012 Moriah Haven Lawson
Track Name: Falling For Straight Girls
Falling For Straight Girls

Well, guess I’m the one in wonderland
Thinking that I could hold your hand.
But, it’s no stretch, accusing me a dreamer.
But, your dart caught my heart,
yes, you are truly one apart.
From the masses of art school hipsters.

Well, don’t say maybe, baby
Unless you mean maybe.
Well, don’t say maybe,
Just ‘cause you’re scared to say no,
Baby, I’ll leave you alone.

Well, here’s supposing attention you paid,
Did not expect such reaction.
Dancing eyes utilize all aspects of attraction.
And, from now on at all of my shows,
I’ll pretend ignoring your freckled nose
As it crinkles with your mischievous smile,
Besides, Ezra Brooks says I’ll be ok in a while….
©2012 Moriah Haven Lawson